Projects of Mr. Karfield include the following blogs, as well as a chapbook of poems, all edited and published under the not-so-strict-yet-devout guidance of editor Ike Krijnen. Please select any of these by clicking or selecting them from the drop down menu above.

The Seven Freudian Signs [now The IG Karfield ARCHIVES], 2009:
— The wander years (2001-2009)
— TWITTER ENTRIES (2009-2010).

Diary of a Poet: Reflections on the Creativity Crisis for Real Human Beings
 [in full Diary of a Poet On the Bildensturm of Negligence and Foolishness: Reflections on the Creativity Crisis for Real Human Beings], 2010.

www. contributions (10 original entries), 2010 [no longer available online].

Dear Mr. Karfield; Sexxy, Druggy, & Rock ‘n’ Rolly Poetry, 2012.

Poetry videos, made by Xerxa (Judith van Lunsen), 2015-2016.