Welcome to IG Karfield’s website. Here you will find all things having to do with or concerning Mr. Karfield’s work, as edited by Ike Krijnen. Enjoy our videos and other media, poems, blog links and more – and please feel free to share!


IG Karfield is a writer of English language poetry. He is the nom de plume of Dutch writer Ike Krijnen, and was born in Topeka, Kansas somewhere in the eighties. Mr. Karfield spent his first sixteen years in hibernation, after which he started creating a serious load of literary hokum, if we may say so, and subsequently sharing it with his plume. Ike receives Mr. Karfield’s works by homing pigeon, then edits, publishes and performs with it.

Ike has, as his editor, made attempts at capturing IG Karfield’s wispy being as a writer, in several blogs and online biographies, as well as videos. He has also published Mr. Karfield’s first chapbook, called ‘(green) CREATURES‘ (2013). Despite these efforts, little can be said with certainty on the identity of IG Karfield.



Projects of Mr. Karfield include the following blogs, as well as a chapbook of poems, all edited and published under the not-so-strict-yet-devout guidance of editor Ike Krijnen. Please select any of these by clicking or selecting them from the drop down menu above.

The Seven Freudian Signs [now The IG Karfield ARCHIVES], 2009:
— The wander years (2001-2009)
— TWITTER ENTRIES (2009-2010).

Diary of a Poet: Reflections on the Creativity Crisis for Real Human Beings
 [in full Diary of a Poet On the Bildensturm of Negligence and Foolishness: Reflections on the Creativity Crisis for Real Human Beings], 2010.

ROARmag.org(/author/ike) contributions (10 original entries), 2010 [no longer available online].

Dear Mr. Karfield; Sexxy, Druggy, & Rock ‘n’ Rolly Poetry, 2012.

Poetry videos, made by Xerxa (Judith van Lunsen), 2015-2016.